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About this Book – True Story Novel on Tanzania

Tanzania is home to wonderful wildlife and great natural monuments like Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, and Rift valley. It offers a lot of excitement and adventure for fiction and romance at True Story Novel on Tanzania.

Raj, a young civil engineer based in Mumbai, knows he is mediocre. However, he is a sincere and hard-working man, who has had a raw deal with his ex-bosses, who have not appreciated his work or paid him adequately. He takes a family friend’s suggestion and decides to go to Tanzania in East Africa to work on a project erecting mobile phone towers throughout the country.

He travels all over the country with local characters like Bonde, Poto, Mama rose, Juma inne (J4), Poto, Professor (professor) provide sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic but exciting experiences of African lifelike bus robbery, ship sinking, human skinning, Serengeti adventure and a Tsunami in Lake Victoria. He finds solace in the innocent and sentimental African people and their simple life. He suffers the loss of relations at home and falls in love with an African girl, Salome.

Raj’s quest for professional and personal success in the face of his family’s dismay would categorize this novel as a bildungsroman. His gentleness and good nature, which would probably disqualify him for the Mumbai rat race, are what make him a lovable hero.

Externally, He excels in human relations and enjoys a happy-go-lucky life but internally, he hates himself for his mediocre self. His obsession with climbing Mount Kilimanjaro epitomizes his effort to drag his life and his achievements out of obscurity and mediocrity into the blaze of heroism and glory.

Does he achieve his goals?

Liberal use of local Swahili sayings and dialect add authentic local flavor to the story. The story is for those who love Africa.